April Updates for Max Mega Menu

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Max Mega Menu 1.7.3 has just been released, here’s a rundown of the new features and changes…

v1.7.3 mainly focuses on updates to the Theme Editor. It’s now possible to use the Theme Editor to style second and third level menu items:

This was a popular feature request on the support forums. If you’ve already applied the styling sub menus CSS to your menu, you can remove that and apply the same styling (and more) using the Theme Editor instead.

Other updates to the Theme Editor will let you:

  • Define the box-shadow settings for Panels and Flyout Menus (instead of simply selecting ‘off’ or ‘on’).
  • Add borders to top level menu items (top, right, left, bottom and color)
  • Apply hover transitions to menu links
  • Add a small horizontal divider bar between Flyout Menu items
  • Define padding for Flyout Menus

Another small but important change is the switch from using the CSS “display” property to “visibility” in order to show and hide sub menus. If you’ve been experiencing problems with using Google Map or Slideshow widgets in your menus then this should provide the solution.

Behind the scenes, the method for automatically regenerating the menu CSS during plugin updates has been changed as it was causing problems for some users. From now on you’ll be “nagged” into regenerating the CSS yourself once the plugin has been updated.

You can find the latest version of Max Mega Menu in the plugin directory. If you already have Max Mega Menu installed then please check your Plugins page for updates.

That’s it for now. There’s still a lot more to do so stay tuned for updates!

– Tom.

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