Beta Testers Wanted

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Update: Version 2.0 has now been released to the public. 

Over the past few months we’ve been working on one of the biggest updates to Max Mega Menu since v1. On the surface not much has changed (apart from a slight redesign) but behind the scenes there have been some major changes in the way menu items and widgets within sub menus are ordered.

List of changes:

  • New feature: Allow second level menu items and widgets to be placed on the same row/mixed together within mega menus
  • New feature: Mobile Styling options added to theme editor
  • Improvement: Styling updated throughout
  • Improvement: Theme Editor accordionised
  • Improvement: Move JS to footer, unbind previously binded events from menu (for improved theme compatibility)
  • Improvement: Basic validation added to Theme Editor
  • New feature: ‘Hide on mobile’ and ‘Hide on desktop’ options added
  • Improvement: Display column count on widgets within the mega menu builder
  • Fix: Polylang fixes

The most notable & technical change is the ability to mix and match widgets and second level menu items within mega menus. Previously, widgets will always start on a new row under menu items.

We are using the latest beta version right here on, but as always make sure you test on a staging server first.

If you would like to get early access to the new features please follow these steps:

  1. Install the WP Rollback plugin
  2. Go to your Plugins page and click the ‘Rollback’ link under Max Mega Menu
  3. Install the latest 2.0-betaX version
  4. Please reply to this post just to let me know you’re using the latest version

Continue to use the plugin as you normally would. If you come across any issues please post them in the comments section below or get in touch through support (use Beta as the licence key). Hopefully we can detect and squash a few bugs before the official release early in the new year!