General Settings

Under Mega Menu > General Settings you’ll find some configuration options that control the overall behaviour of Max Mega Menu (rather than the behaviour of individual menus or menu items).


Click Event Behaviour

If you have the menu event sent to ‘Click’, or you are viewing your site on a touch screen device (where the event will automatically be switched to ‘Click’), then this setting defines what should happen on the second click of a menu item which has a sub menu.

By default the first click (or tap) on a menu item will open the sub menu, and the second click will close the sub menu. This makes it impossible to follow the link itself. If you want your users to be able to follow the link, set this option to “First click opens sub menu, second click follows the link”.

Mobile Menu Behaviour

Choose whether open sub menus on mobile should remain open until manually closed, or whether they should automatically close when a different sub menu is opened.

CSS Output

Max Mega Menu automatically generates the required CSS to display your menu(s). The CSS Output option lets you choose how this CSS is added to your page.

When this option is chosen the CSS will be automatically saved to your uploads directory and enqueued on your site.

If the CSS cannot be saved automatically (due to server permissions) Max Mega Menu will fall back to using the ‘Output in <head>’ option.

Do not manually edit the automatically generated file. The CSS is regenerated each time you update a theme, save a menu or use the “Clear CSS Cache” tool. Any modifications to the styling should be made by overriding the default styling in the Custom Styling section of the menu theme.

Output in <head>

When this option is chosen, the CSS will be minified and placed in an inline style block:

This option is fast but will result in some rather ugly source code on your page.

Don’t output CSS

This option will stop Max Mega Menu from outputting any CSS on your page. You will need to manually enqueue your own CSS for the menu to function correctly.

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