It is possible to display a menu location using the [maxmegamenu] shortcode. This allows easy insertion of menus into your posts and pages.

Step 1: Registering a new menu location

First we’ll need to create a new menu location specifically for use with the shortcode.

Under Mega Menu > Menu Locations, create a new menu location:

On the next page, provide a name for the new location and click ‘Add menu location’.

After creating the location you’ll be taken back to the main Menu Locations page. Expand the new location and go to the Display Options tab. You’ll find the shortcode here.

We now have a shortcode that can be pasted into posts and pages to display our new menu location.

Step 2: Display the menu in a post or page

To display the menu simply paste the shortcode from Step 1 into any post or page.


End Result


Like any other Max Mega Menu enabled menu, you are free to restyle the menu using the Theme Editor and use all of the usual mega menu options to customize the menu.

You can repeat the same steps to create and display multiple Mega Menus on your site.

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