If you’re here then you might be thinking why doesn’t it ‘just work’?

First off, we’d love it if Max Mega Menu could just work with every theme out there. We’ve already taken big steps to minimise the problems that come with automatically replacing a major component of your theme with a completely different menu system.

Your theme may have tens of thousands of lines of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but Max Mega Menu can only take control over a single line of code – the line that outputs the menu HTML.

Unless your theme has specific integration with Max Mega Menu, your theme will be blissfully unaware that its own menu has been replaced, and will continue to attempt to apply its own menu functionality to Max Mega Menu. This mix of functionality (part theme, part Max Mega Menu) is what leads to conflicts and problems.

Sometimes we need to manually intervene, and remove that residual menu functionality, to get things working properly. Here are some articles to help get you up and running:

It’s not working at all

The following information is relevant if you have followed the getting started guide (getting as far as checking the ‘Enable’ checkbox in...

I see two mobile toggle buttons

Unless your theme has specific integration for Max Mega Menu, your theme will be completely unaware that you have replaced...