It’s not working at all

The following information is relevant if you have followed the getting started guide (getting as far as checking the ‘Enable’ checkbox in the mega menu settings), but you do not see any visible changes to your menu on the front end.

Your theme must do the following to allow Max Mega Menu to take control of your menu:

  1. Output the menu using wp_nav_menu including the correct ‘theme_location’ argument (usually in the header.php file)
    Tip: You can find the correct PHP code to output a menu location by going to the Mega Menu > Menu Locations page in WordPress
  2. Include a call to wp_footer (usually in the footer.php file)
  3. Include a call to wp_head (usually in the header.php file)

If you have checked your theme is set up correctly, but it is still not working please disable all plugins and check again.

You can alternatively decide to output the menu manually using either the shortcode or widget.

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