AccessPress Parallax

General Theme Settings

Go to Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings and uncheck theĀ “Enable Single Page Nav(Menu)” option.

Fix Residual Styling

The theme applies “!important” styling to the font size and color of menu links, making it impossible for Max Mega Menu to apply the styling you’ve set in the menu theme editor to the menu.

To fix this, copy the themes header.php file to your Child Theme.


Replace with:

Removing the “main-navigation” class will move your menu from the right of the page to the left. If you prefer your menu on the right, go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes > Menu Bar and set Menu Items Align to “right”.

Fix Mobile Menu

  1. Go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes. In the Mobile section, set the “Responsive Breakpoint” to 1000px.
  2. Go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes. In the Custom Styling area, paste in the following:

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