Constructo is a particularly difficult theme to integrate Max Mega Menu with. It requires editing theme PHP files which cannot be placed within a child theme, therefore, these changes will need to be reapplied if the theme gets updated.

Step 1

This step requires editing a PHP file. It’s important to┬ábe extra careful and take a backup of the file before editing it. It would be wise to make these changes on a local test site┬ábefore uploading the changes to your live site.

Go to Appearance > Editor. Select “helpers.php” on the right.

Find (line 639):

Replace with:

Note: The ‘site-navigation’ class is removed

Find (line 676):

Replace with:

Note: The new ‘theme_location’ line and the comma after $menu.

Step 2

Go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes. In the Custom Styling area, paste in the following:


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