Under Appearance > Menus, tag your main menu to both the ‘Main Menu’ and ‘Main Menu – Mobile’ Location.

Enable Max Mega Menu for the Main Menu location (but not the ‘Main Menu – Mobile’ Location – we will let the theme manage the mobile menu).


Under Mega Menu > Menu Themes, apply the following settings (these are the important settings, others can be adjusted to your own requirements).

  • Menu Bar > Menu Background: Transparent
  • Menu Bar > Top Level Menu Items > Font: Black
  • Menu Bar > Menu Height: 50px
  • Mega Menu > Panel Width (outer): try  .header-inner OR .row*
  • Mobile Menu > Responsive Breakpoint: 48em

For full width mega sub menus, apply the following:

  • Mega Menu > Panel Width (outer): body
  • Mega Menu > Panel Width (outer): try  .header-inner OR .row*

* This setting will depend on your theme setup, try each one and decide which you prefer

After updating the theme settings, your menu should look something like this on desktop:


… and something like this on mobile (the default theme mobile menu):


Using the Max Mega Menu mobile menu

If you would prefer to use the Max Mega Menu mobile menu, use the Flatsome Header Designer.

Switch to the Mobile/Tablet view and remove the default ‘Nav Icon’ block from the mobile header. Replace this with a 100% wide HTML block (on a new row below the logo, not on the same row as the logo) that contains the menu shortcode:

You may wish to go to Appearance > Menus > Max Mega Menu Settings and switch the “Effect – Mobile” to one of the Off Canvas options.

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