Theme Setup

These instructions have been tested with Salient v8.x

Step 1 – Remove Residual Styling

Copy the header.php file to your child theme.


Replace with:

Step 2: Mobile Menu

If you would like to restore the default theme mobile behaviour, go to Mega Menu > General Settings and set the Active Instance for the Top Navigation Menu to 1:

Option 2: Show the Max Mega Menu mobile menu

Go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes. In the mobile tab, set the following:

  • Disable Mobile Toggle Bar: unchecked
  • Responsive Breakpoint: 1000px
  • Custom Styling:

Known Issues:

The Search Replacement does not work properly as Salient modifies the HTML output (using JavaScript) for the search box. Unfortunately there is no way for Max Mega Menu to stop this from happening.

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