Theme Setup

These instructions have been tested with Salient v10.x

Step 1 – Remove Residual Styling

Salient includes its own Mega Menu JavaScript (superfish.js) which conflicts with Max Mega Menu.

To stop superfish.js from being applied to the menu, install the TC Custom JavaScript plugin. Go to Appearance > Custom JavaScript and enter the following:

Step 2: Menu Theme Setup

Go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes > Menu Bar and set the Menu Height to 90px.

Go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes > Mega Menus and set the Panel Width (Outer) to: .container .row

Step 3: Mobile Menu

If you would like to restore the default theme mobile behaviour, go to Mega Menu > General Settings and set the Active Instance for the Top Navigation Menu to 1:

Option 2: Show the Max Mega Menu mobile menu

Go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes > Mobile Menu and set the Responsive Breakpoint to 1000px.

Go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes > Custom Styling and add the following:

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