Updated instructions for v1.4.06 (free) & version 10.4.1 (premium)

The author of Vogue has added in support for Max Mega Menu directly into the theme options.

Go to Customize -> Plugin Support then select the support option for Max Mega Menu.

Old instructions

Max Mega Menu suffers from multiple residual styling issues when used in Vogue. Vogue will override some of the menu theme options (making it impossible to adjust the styling of some elements) in both the desktop and mobile menu.

To fix these issues, and stop Vogue from applying it’s own styling to Max Mega Menu we will need to edit the theme header template file.

  1. Copy the “vogue/templates/header/header-layout-one.php” file to your child theme.
  2. Find:
  3. Replace with:
  4. Save

As part of this process, you will unfortunately lose the WooCommerce Cart Total item from your menu bar. You can replace this using the WooCommerce functionality built into Max Mega Menu Pro.

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