Nitro (WooRockets)

There are a few different themes called “Nitro”. This guide is for the “Nitro” theme by WooRockets.

Step 1

Go to Appearance > Menus. Make sure there is a menu tagged to the “Main Menu” menu location, and Max Mega Menu is enabled for the menu.

Step 2

Go to Nitro > Header Builder.

Add a “Text” block to the header (not a Menu block), then enter the following shortcode into the text settings:

[maxmegamenu location=main_menu]


In the screenshot below we’ve added a Text block on a new row.

Step 3

By default the menu will appear squeezed up to the left hand side of the page. To make it full width apply the following settings to the row:

Then go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and enter the following:

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