Applying third level menu item styling to second level menu items

Important: This functionality requires Max Mega Menu v2.3.1+

Generally, second level items are styled to display as a column header/title, and third level items are displayed as normal list items. This styling is set using the Theme Editor under Mega Menu > Menu Themes.


In some instances, you may only want to display second level items in the submenu, in which case it would be preferable not to display second level menu items as if they are headers. Instead, you may prefer to display these second level items using the third level menu item styling.

It is possible to do this by adding a custom class to the parent menu item.

To add a custom class, go to Appearance > Menus. At the top right of the page click ‘Screen Options’ and ensure the CSS Classes checkbox is ticked. Then expand the parent menu item and add a ‘no-headers’ CSS Class to the item:


Once the ‘no-headers’ class has been added to the parent item, all items within the sub menu will be displayed as third level items:


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