Error 403 / 404 / 500 when saving menu

If you get a 403, 404 or 500 server error when trying to save a menu it will be due to limitations on your server or incorrect configuration of your server.

The errors usually contain no useful information, making this problem difficult to track down and debug, but we can offer some tips on how it may be resolved.

  1. Deactivate all plugins (including Max Mega Menu) and try saving the menu again. If it works, re-enable Max Mega Menu and try saving the menu again. If it is still working, enable plugins one by one in order to determine which plugin may be causing the problem.
  2. Check you are not going beyond your definedĀ menu item limit
  3. Go to Tools > Site Health > Info > Server and check the PHP Memory Limit. Ideally this should be set at 256MB+
  4. Failing the above you will need to contact your host and ask them to check the latest error logs on your server. In many cases it can be caused by a server module called “mod_security” which blocks the menu save request. In this case your host will need to identify the security rule that is blocking the request, then whitelist that rule for your site.

Please note that this error is usually caused by the configuration of your server, and therefore we do not have the ability to fix it from our end. In the vast majority of cases you will need to ask your host to investigate the issue.

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