Vertically align flyout menus to bottom of navigation bar

By default, “flyout” sub sub menusĀ are vertically aligned to the top of their parent item. If you have set up a long menu, with many levels, this can result in a menu that stretches right from the top to the bottom (and beyond) of the user’s screen.

This will become a problem if the menu (or the theme header) is sticky/fixed, as it will make it impossible for the user to scroll down and see all of the menu items.

In the example below, “Menu Item 3 / 1” is aligned to the top of “Menu Item 3”:

It is possible to adjust the positioning of Flyout Sub Menus so that they are horizontally aligned with the bottom of the menu.

Go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes and paste the following into the Custom Styling area:

The flyout sub menus will now be aligned to the bottom of the navigation bar:

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