How to create “Buttons” using Max Mega Menu Pro

In this example we will change the “My Button” menu item so that it is styled independently of the rest of the menu items, giving it a “button” appearance.

The “My Button” menu item is a Custom Menu Item added to the menu structure in the usual way:

Applying the “Button” Styling

Go to Appearance > Menus and hover over the “My Button” menu item, then click the blue “Mega Menu” button.

This will open up the mega menu settings for the My Button item. Go to the “Styling” tab:

In our example, we’ll apply the following Custom Styling options to the My Button menu item

  • Background: Blue
  • Font Size: 12px
  • Menu Item Border Radius (left, top, right, bottom): 3px
  • Menu Item Height: 24px

Note: if your menu item is aligned to the right hand side of the menu, it will lose it’s central vertical alignment. To correct this, also apply a value to the “Menu Item Margin (Top)” to push the menu item down.

End Result

After applying the custom styling, the “My Button” menu item has a button like appearance:


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