Can I center my menu logo exactly in the middle of my menu?

It is not possible with Max Mega Menu to perfectly center your menu logo within the menu.

When you see sites with a centered logo, usually the header structure consists of one menu to the left, then the theme outputs the logo in the center, then there is another totally separate menu to the right. Splitting the header out into 3 separate “sections” means the width of the items in the left and right menu do not affect the position of the centered logo.

Unfortunately it is not possible to precisely center the logo within a single menu structure, as the width of the menu items to the left and right of the logo will “push” the logo either left or right of center. The logo would only be perfectly centered if the total width of the left hand menu items exactly matches the width of the right hand menu items – which is of course very unlikely.

If you do want to try, you can go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes and set Menu Items Align to “Center”. Then, for each of your menu items (not the logo item), individually align them to the left or right hand side of the menu using the “Menu Item Align” option on each item:

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