How to add social media icons to your menu


Save the menu once the link has been added.

Step 2: Open the Mega Menu settings for the new menu item


Step 3: Align the menu item to the right and hide the menu text


Step 4: Set an icon


Step 5: Optional step for Max Mega Menu Pro users.

Set a custom image icon

End Result:


Displaying social icons on a single line in the Mobile Menu

By default each social icon/menu item will be displayed on it’s own row in the mobile menu.

There are 2 options to change this.

Option 1

Enable the “Hide on Mobile” setting for each of your social icon menu items, then add them as Mobile Toggle Blocks instead.

Option 2

Go to Mega Menu > Menu Themes > Custom Styling and add the following (make sure you update line 7):

Add a Custom Menu Item Class of “social-icon” to each of your social icon menu items.

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